¡Gran nivel HOT! / La “mamacita” polaca que estremece las redes (+Fotos)


Caracas.- Aurora Katarzyna es una sexy y rubia polaca que se define a sí misma como una “artista” dentro del “sex art”.

Se trata de una chica poco convencional que prospera en medio de fotos reveladoras y explicitas que van de la mano con su mentalidad fuerte y abierta.

Written on 22/03/2018 ************************************ Such brilliant moments of melancholy I celebrate, the most disturbing honour. Nostalgia feasts with me and drinks red wine at the dinner table With the chain of thought tying me up to the chair Nostalgia gets me drunk, but nostalgia always remains sober, this is dreadful company, I devour in dreadful You don’t know how free I am And how tight the harness of freedom is Nostalgia sings me lullabies and puts me to bed with roses aplenty: see, it cares for me a lot. Nostalgia makes love to me in the darkest hour, there are always handcuffs to match It seems like today’s hung up on yesterday every day And I don’t think there’s an antidote, there’s no magic apart from That sobriety and drunkenness Those feasts and this love handicapped _______________________________ Words by: @poetic.minx Ph: @companion.photo Makeup artist: @victoriagarciamua . . . #nostalgia #melancholy #emotive #portraitphotography #photography #implied #photoart

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It is sleeping within all of you… #work#sydneymodel

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